Gulliver’s Travels review

Why does it feel that almost everything from our childhoods has been either
remade or sequeled to death? The latest is Gulliver’s Travels. This film in one
form or fashion has been remade about roughly 6 to 7 times. This time it is Jack
Black playing Lemuel Gulliver.  Before I go any further, I cannot stand
or stomach Jack Black. To me, he is a one note comedian. Same jokes each movie.
From Orange County, to School of Rock, even the crapsicle Kung Fu Panda film. Maybe I am getting
generous in my older age, I did not seem to mind him in this film. Though, he
does a version of War later in the film that yes I know is geared towards kids
and people who laugh at anything just to laugh,( you know the kind, they can see
a preview on tv a million times and laugh each time at it. And then see it on
the big screen and still laugh like they never heard the damn joke
before..seriously..) that was the most horrible thing I seen in any film this
year. Gulliver  is the mailroom lackey, 10 years with the company and he cant
seem to leave the mailroom. For the past 5 years he has had a crush on Darcy who
works at the office that he delivers mail to, she is a travel editor. Unable to
talk to her or ask her out, or man up as a lot of people will say, he tells her
he wants to write a column for her travel section. So she sends him on a
assignment to go to  the bermuda triangle.


Well, he gets caught up in the triangle and ends up on the shore of Liliput. He is a giant and they are all small
people. Soon, he wows them with stories of the outside world and everyone
finally seems to be looking up to him except one person who is vowed to stop




The number one selling point to this blu ray is the coming attractions. You get a 5 minute short
promoting the upcoming Scrat film ( from Ice Age..hey I love Ice Age..) It looks incredible and after
how bad part 3 was it better be. Gulliver’s  was harmless. I know the audience
is intended to be children and maybe early teens, but I felt some of the jokes
were kind of adultish and may lead some little ones to be lead to ask too many
questions. And Jason Segal doing spoken word to Prince’s Kiss was awful. He
would do anything for a paycheck. I liked Jack Black somewhat in this film. He
toned down his shtick. And it was harmless fun. Towards the end it got to be so
stupid. I hated say the last 15 minutes. But, to see the local villagers re
enact Star Wars and Titanic in the local play was funny. This is a good
babysitter film, say if you have kids and they wont leave you alone, play this
film they will have a good time with the scenery and jokes that only they will
laugh at, like a wedgie from a robot. But, be prepared to answer a few
questions about some of the material.  I can say I would watch this again, with
my little niece and great niece. Me and my wife had a good time with it. So I
will say it is fun and worth the watch. Maybe even buying.




7.5 out of 10