Get to know your indie directors part 2-Steve Hudgins

  • 1.What made you
    want to be a director?

    For me, it wasn’t like I suddenly had an epiphany.
    It was something that kind of naturally presented itself to me from my acting
    background and I think I have the right mind set for it, so it fit right when it

    2.What does the term ” indie” mean to you?

    It simply
    means that you are independent from a major film studio looking over your
    shoulder and having say over your movie.
    Indie = Freedom

    3.Do you
    think the internet gives too many people way too much freedom?

    A hell of
    a lot more good comes from freedom than bad, so you won’t hear me complaining
    about it too often.

    4.Do you think when someone blames the budget as to
    why a film is not that well received, is fair, or that they are looking for a

    Well, has there ever been a big budget movie in the history of
    cinema that hasn’t been well received? Has there ever been a low budget movie in
    the history of cinema that has been well received?
    That answers that.

    5.Do you think females get a fair shake in indie films and the industry
    in general?

    I think they have it worse today than ever. Honestly, I have
    a hard time remembering actresses apart from each other nowadays because they
    all look the same and they’re all seem to be playing the same parts. Diversity
    in female roles in the industry as a whole seems very lacking to me. It’s like
    every character has to be young, athletic, busty. . . I mean c’mon, there are
    other women in the world, aren’t there?

    6.What was the last film beside
    your own, that blew you away?

    The Secret in Their Eyes – They don’t make
    movies like this very often anymore. Amazing!

    7.Do you think indie films
    have too much freedom and that some films go way too far in its content and
    subject matter?

    Those are 2 different questions.
    Too much freedom?
    Absolutely not.
    Do some movies go too far? For me personally, Yes. But, If I
    don’t like it, I can get up and walk out. I don’t have to watch it.
    everyone has a point that they feel is too far. But what is too far for one
    person is not too far for another.
    It’s not up to me to decide for others
    what is going too far for them. Just like it’s not up to anyone else to decide
    what is going too far, for me.

    8.How would you deal with an actor or
    actress who who was not fully behind the vision and script?

    It depends on
    the situation. If the actor or actress simply disagrees with me but they’re
    still willing to give me 100 percent and will give me what I’m looking for,
    there shouldn’t be a problem. However if they decided to become a detriment to
    the set, I’d replace them.

    9.Do you think youtube directors are a insult
    to people who went to school and learned the trade?

    Absolutely not. You
    automatically learn the trade, whether you like it or not, by doing it. Whether
    you’re a youtube director or a director of a billion dollar budgeted film, the
    bottom line is that you are making a movie. Like most things, the more you do
    it, the better you get at it. Who is to say what the right way and wrong way is?

    10.Do you think the government should take more steps to stop illegal
    downloading? And how do you feel when you see a review of your film on a site
    that you know you did not send anything to and do not know how they got

    I’m ignorant as to whether illegal downloading is a problem or not. I
    haven’t noticed it being an issue with our films. Our movies are available at a
    lot of different outlets, so there’s no way for me to know who has and hasn’t
    bought them.

    11.What is your personal goal, dream?

    As far as our
    production company goes, I want Big Biting Pig Productions to be known as one of
    the top production companies for horror/thrillers in the world.
    I already
    think we are one of the tops in the world, I just want more people to be aware
    of us!

    12.Do you think a lot of blog critics and for that matter youtube
    and other website critics are harsh on indie films?

    There are some people
    out there who automatically hate anything that is low budget or shot on video,
    regardless of the quality of the movie and that’s just rather silly.
    But I
    think for most people, if a movie is good, budget, how it was shot and whether
    it is indie or not becomes irrelevant. The movie speaks for itself.

    13.If this never came to be, or had to end tomm. What would you do for a

    Does Olivia Newton John need a sex slave?

    14.If anyone
    wanted to get started in this biz, what advice would you give?

    If you’re
    dedicated, go for it! If you’re not, well. . . you’ll find out pretty quick.

    15.This is your chance to promote, pimp and thanks so much

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  • Drake Roberts

    I’ve seen a few of Big Biting Pig Productions films and like them quite a bit. They have interesting premises, original characters and always have at least one twist that you aren’t expecting.

    They are presented from an interesting point of view. They’re low budget, but the storylines are better than about 85% of the original work I’ve seen from people getting paid a lot better than Steve the last few years.

    I can’t wait to see the next film in June!