Get to know your indie directors-Dave Reda interview

1.What made you want to be a director?
I think being a director was something
always inside me I just didn’t know was there… I was acting and had great
actor friends, that like me, weren’t working enough… So I created my sketch
comedy show CLICK THIS! for all of us… Using all my acting experience my show
gave me a 3 year crash course in how to tell a story and put it all together….
It just felt right for me to direct and be able to take it where I thought the
pieces could be best..

2.What does the term ” indie” mean to you?
…meaning no financial support from a studio…. A film usually made by blood ,
sweat , and tears, on the back of the director…

3.Do you think the internet gives too many people way too
much freedom?
No, I view the internet kind of like the Wild Wild West right
now… Kind of lawless and crazy, but in that sea is some really great stuff…
The world being able to share themselves, while saturating the market, is still
a good thing…I just believe the best things will always rise to the top, but
everyone deserves a voice if they have something to say…

4.Do you think when someone blames the budget as
to why a film is not that well received, is fair, or that they are looking for a
Yes I do believe that…So many great stories and films out there
have been made for pennies… Shouldn’t it be about the film, and story it
tells, rather than how much it cost to make or makes?

5.Do you think females get a fair shake in indie
films and the industry in general?
In indie film I do feel that way a lot
more recently…The scream queens thanks to the internet can build their fan
bases very quickly and hold them.. Also NO horror fan looks at a film and says
“What girl director?? PASS!!”… True horror fans want a great horror ride, they
don’t care who is serving up the blood…. In the studios system, I don’t think
it’s fair.. I do believe that women directors have it harder being trusted, and
make less…It doesn’t make sense to me at all…

6.What was the last film beside your own, that blew you
I have had the pleasure to be at so many film festivals with my last
short film this year and seen so many great films and film makers it’s so hard
to choose… The future film makers out there are all rocking the new
technologies and pushing forward so hard, it’s so hard to single anything

7.Do you think indie films have too much freedom and that
some films go way too far in its content and subject matter?
I think
independent film NEEDS that, since normally an independent film doesn’t have the
budget one way to draw is to go for the taboo… If you can do it with a strong
story and actually mean something, not just for the sake of it, it mean
something that is a way to draw… Independent film can always go where no one
else can, but it’s still keeping a soul there that I think is

8.How would you deal with an actor or actress who who was
not fully behind the vision and script?
Do you mean in casting? By the time
my actors are on set they must all be on the same ride, the same journey,
otherwise it doesn’t work… I have been quite blessed with the people I have
worked with, from script they were all able to see the pictures I paint
relatively the same way…

9.Do you think youtube directors are a insult to people who went to
school and learned the trade?
NO! Anyone who can get out there and complete
their film and tell a story should be commended for at least that… There are
so many film makers who went to film school who don’t even have one film.. It’s
not about school or anything, it’s about are you entertaining the people,
telling your story, and sharing your voice? I think youtube has been quite cool for giving many a voice, even
if you don’t want to hear what they have to say..

10.Do you think the government should take more steps to
stop illegal downloading? And how do you feel when you see a review of your film
on a site that you know you did not send anything to and do not know how they
got it?
Well with my film being on the shelves, Amazon, and Netflix, there is many ways they could have
got my film, so I don’t even think about it… Specially if the review is good,
haha! As for the Government, I
believe illegal downloading affects the studios a lot more than indy film
makers, we are trying to get our work out there, that kind of demand for our
stuff is kind of a good thing.. Getting to more people is a good

11.What is your personal goal, dream?
That’s kind of
personal….hahaa! Naw My dream is to entertain the world, take them all away
with me for a little ride on my latest horror roller coaster film…..Make
enough to creat my own studio… then ultimately President of the
United states….but that’s another story…

12.Do you think alot of blog critics and for that matter youtube and other website critics are harsh on indie
Sometimes…I think any critic think it’s more fun to rip any film
than it is to talk good about it….Seems as though they believe the people will
find them boring if they aren’t constantly jabbing, but there are those out
there with integrity… There are some good sites out there that will give you
an honest shot, we have been pretty blessed with out critics and reviews and
thank them all!!

13.If this never came to be, or had to end tomm. What would you do for a living?
Hmmm not
sure.. Might be that guy standing on the street corner on Hollywood Blvd, with
led lights, aluminum foil all over, claiming bitterly it’s all who you know,
they want my brain, I won’t let them have it!!!

14.If anyone wanted to get started in this biz, what advice
would you give?
The common mistake I see in new film makers is that they get
all caught up in what the success a great film can do forgetting it starts with
a great script… They worry about money that isn’t there, people and things
that don’t exist, all the while, what is most important and actually deserves
the attention is forgotten…. Tell a great story, do it the best you can, the
rest will come because of that…

15.This is your chance to promote, pimp and thanks so
Thanks to you for taking the time out to ask such great questions it
was really fun!! I am going to be releasing HORROR OF OUR LOVE: A SHORT FILM to
the public VERY soon and we always have something new and bloody stewing…and
couldn’t do an interview without at least one good zombie GRRRRRRRrrrrr!!! Haha! Thanks again!!

    This is really cool!! BleedFest Film Festival is a Film Festival that mainly
    honors women genre film makers… We are getting recognized, & accepting the
    PARTNERSHIP AWARD for the strong female characters we use in our films, and it’s
    an honor!! HORROR OF OUR LOVE A SHORT FILM, screens at this fest

    • Howard Don Reda

      Wonderful interview with good questions & answers. Really agree that the Internet today is actually the ‘wild west’ all over again. The current generation has a chance to continue freedom of thought & expression on line. More so than ever it’s a chance to escape being manipulated into what think, vote, & above all BUY. It’s become the antidote to Orwell’s 1984!

      I find great hope in what all of you are doing.