Famous review

disclaimer..the following review  is only the thoughts and feelings of James DePaolo and by no means reflects anyone else on or associated with Wicked Channel.


Famous. Before I start this review, I need to state a few things. If a lot of
people are telling you something is bad, and you decide to watch it anyway, you
would look like a complete idiot to repeat that it is a bad film, it is almost
like you knew what you were getting into. So, that being said, yes I read others
reviews and listened to their podcasts. No offense to Matthew, who told me he
heard all this praise, I did not hear those words..all I have heard is negative, hateful and
downright cruel. But, I am going to be different. I found this film a different
experience, whether the words coming up are positive or negative, it is for you
to decide.




By now, a lot of you readers, go from blog to blog, and podcast to podcast so
chances are you know the plot, but if not I will tell you my version of the
plot. It involves a photographer who says he makes people famous, and one girl
named Gia, who has dreams of being famous.
Well, when the photo shoot does not go right in her favor, she goes to his motel
room and her dreams of maybe being famous are torn when is raped. Now, what will
she do to be famous?




I gave Matthew and his crew a major break on Burlesque Massacre. That film
was awful, but I found some fun and a little positive to it. This film is bad,
awful but you know what..I found some fun to it as well. Will I ever watch it
again, ummmm…depends on who I want to
entertain. If it’s someone who annoys me, why not they may leave. This film
should have a drinking game, anytime someone uses the word ” famous” you have to
take a shot. Chances are within the 15 minute mark you will be so wasted. And
they just use the word, just in any way possible. ” hey how is the weather
today..ummmm..famous” Dude is a rich photographer and thinks he is a ” god” and
he is staying in some Best Western hotel? How many people used that line, hey I
can make you famous and take some chick to a cheap dive. Sad thing, I do not
think this was the case. This film had me laughing so hard, and the sad thing it
is not a comedy. The husband busting in on the photo shoot and his wife is
posing, and he goes ” why are you getting naked, your 15 mins is up”. The girl was not even half way unclothed, hell
to my memory she was still fully clothed. And why was there no nudity? Would
that have helped…um…it would not have hurt. And what was the deal with Gia’s face. She wanted to be a model and famous,
ok. But her face looks like she has a acne outbreak. Why not use more make up,
it is a photo shoot to be a model only and it is your dream.  And the rape scene
with her was just priceless. Talk about bad acting, but it was so ridiculous I
was laughing. And come on, he is yanking her hair and gagging her and then tells
her afterward..” why you crying, I took it easy on you”…hell what would rough
be, beating her unmercifully. Max Baer as the newscaster, and how many of us
thought it would be the real Jethro Bodine? Talk about some CNN reporting, he not only
overstated the obvious but he was oblivious to anything else. This film has the
most blatant overacting I have seen this year. And, I had a good time with it’s
badness. And Gia goes to a photo shoot when it is her lifelong dream
dressed like a cracker barrel waitress. She probably was in between a shift and
rushed to make the film to get back to work. ” hey excuse me, you seen my waitress..you cant miss her she looks
like she has herpes with all those bumps on her mouth and face”. And you notice
the manager freaking out like he knows how she got it. And what about that rap
video, you got this midget black rapper and this out of place jewish banker
trying to act like he is hip. Those two look like they came from a skit. And
sure as shit, this was the cash point. They had a rap song to end the film
called Famous. Oh man, was that just the hit single. I laughed thru the whole
song, and I was sober. If I saw this film drunk, oh man I would have gave it a
10 out of 10. But, if I knew nothing about this film and was first to talk about
it, make no mistake about it I would have hated it badly. Classic lines like.. ”
I am Jimmy fucking Stevens tell your friends about this”. Classic, and another
drinking game..how many times he says his name with the word
fucking. Take a shot. That was 40 percent of the script, the word famous and his
name. Now, the obvious that some people are stupid. If you are under
investigation for rape would you be on the phone bragging to people you raped
another chick. And, if the girl you raped wants to tie you up, why would you let
her. Again, this film was fun for a whole new reason. It was just cheese, and
knowing my luck watch in like 5 years this film is playing and people are in the
crowd reciting it and it catches on.


My feelings are if this sounds like your cup of tea, see it at all costs.
This film is not going to win any oscars or be on any top ten lists, but it is
just so bad..it could be fun for some people.


I am torn as to what to rate it..I will say this..See the film for




I could recommend this to anyone who likes bad cinema and would find some
redeeming qualities to it. I would say skip to anyone who would damn me for
mentioning it.