Ela review

In the upcoming days I am going to give you a short film review daily by Anna Taborska. The first one is a 13 minute short called Ela. Shot in Poland, this story is more than it seems. On the surface, you see a young man named Tomek, who is in love with a little girl named Ela. And he is carving a heart into a tree and talking about why can’t she notice him, or feel the same. And, a little girl comes from nowhere to talk to him. This tale is a basic study into human cruelty. But, watching this short you will not get the meaning of that statement till the end. Each person who watches this will see a different vision of what they assume is happening or going on, but when you see the statement at the end, it is hard not to sit there and not feel the power of the message. This was the first film in a long time that caught me by utter shock. I did not see the meaning of this film till it was in black and white in my face. What a hard hitting ending. I liked this film. It is brave. And, I loved the scenery and also the beauty of the last 3 minutes it was amazing with the lighting, colors and just the meaning of how precious this scene really was.

7.5 out of 10