Dementia 13 review

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How many of us, were so excited when dvd players first hit the market? We all rushed out to get as many titles on this format as we could, cause they were just so advanced from the vhs and beta copies we had. Now, comes the Blu Ray format. Which is trying to make a dvd obsolete. If you want to know how advanced blu ray is, this title is a great example. Here is the press release and the plot. Followed by my review

Future filmmaking legend Francis Ford Coppola makes his big screen directorial debut with this cult horror classic,(and also helping Coppola is Roger Corman )available for the first time in spectacular High-Definition Blu-ray.

Following the abrupt death of her husband from a heart attack, the scheming Louise Haloran travels to her in-laws estate in Ireland, only to find herself trapped in a creepy castle with her ex-husband’s demented family. Upon arrival, she is introduced to a few brother in laws and her mother-in-law, still grieving for the daughter she lost in a drowning accident many years earlier. When a mysterious axe-wielding psychopath enters the fray, leaving blood-spattered corpses in his wake, the family’s doctor takes it upon himself to try to get to the bottom of things – before it is too late

First off, the transfer is unreal. How much so, they show you the original version from 1963 and compare it to this transfer and it is unreal. The bad things, there is no special features, not even a director’s commentary. I would have loved to hear Corman talk about this film or a Coppola interview around 63 about this film. The film itself is 74 minutes of awesome. This film would rule at a midnight show, on the big screen. The decapitation scene in this film is cool, to think this was what 48 years ago. You had to think that the audiences at that time were not so used to and overdosed on stuff like that, so at that time it had to be revolutionary or groundbreaking or thought it really happened. Coppola, is a genius. I do not care if you like this horror film or that horror film, or no horror at all. You cannot deny Coppola is not one of the greatest directors ever. This film inspired a lot of films. Esp. Argento. This is obviously a nod to Hitchcock with some of the scenery and the underlining family secrets. Again, the scenes where it compared the original print to what this blu ray is offering, this is the definitive copy. Now, what about a blu ray for A Touch of Evil or Laura?

8.5 out of 10

  • I love this film.