Deadlands 2-Trapped Review

To start off this review, I never seen the first Deadlands. So given that, I am glad to report, you do not need the first one to understand this one. The plot is basic zombie film plot. The US Government like always is testing out a highly effective chemical, gas, something that creates what they call the perfect fighting machine. Zombies who do not get tired and will kill and never stop. 6 strangers are trapped up in a movie theater trying to survive this nightmare, where they have no communication with the outside world as phones are down, cell phones have no signal. Will they make it thru the night or will the undead consume them?

I have seen so many indie zombie films. And I was expecting to hate this film, but I really had a good time with it. It was fun, and what it lacked in gore, it made up for with likable characters. First the negatives. The movie at times was too dark. Like you did not know who was who. And also some of the pacing. I felt like some of the scenes did not fit the film. That was the only negatives. The positive, it gives us some Argento love, Romero love, and also just flat out good gore scenes that did not come across as cheap. This film gave us characters who would handle things like any of us would, no unbelievable silly stuff. And thank god they did not hollywood the ending to this film. I wont explain what that means, but you should watch it and you will know exactly what it means. I know they have Deadlands 3 in the works. And, I cannot wait to see what is next for this series. I am now wanting to see the first one. If not for the dark periods in this film, and some of the scenes that stalled it.. this would have been so much higher. But, those were the very few flaws this film had. What a good 83 minutes of fun.

7.5 out of 10

  • No worries about the SKIM through. I always read through it… I want to know what they liked and didn’t like. So I do read them. =O)

    years ago, it would have been a different tale, but as you grow with each movie you need to learn from your mistakes… so I try to do that.

    Ah… cool, you have the newer release. As I noted it is still darker, yes… but much better looking than the original 2009 DVD release. Again this was a preference when making the film and final look.

    To folks who do check out the film and want to learn more about the making of it, I did a pretty indepth DVD commentary about the making of the flick. We also added two indie film school style featurettes to the special features.

    Oh, and if you pop the disc into your PC’s DVD ROM, you can find soundtrack excerpts hidden on the disc taken from both films. A COmpilation of ten tracks from each movie chosen by myself and co-composer Brian Wright for your listening pleasure.

    Yes, Deadlands 3 is in the works, but I am currently shooting a Baltimore gangster film with some of the cast of HBO’s The Wire, and hopefully this fall we will begin rolling on Deadlands 3.

  • Dude, what a honor thank you so much. I appreciate you not only checking out the review but throwing some comments in. Thank you so much. As a critic, if I am positive or negative..I always love when the directors take the time just to read it and not skim thru the whole review just to see the rating. I got the one from Tempe, the extended and unrated with the Howard Stern looking green eyed zombie. You created a fun film, and I cannot wait till Part 3…Thank you again, it is a honor.

  • Hey,

    just came across your review. Thanks for checking it out. Curious, is the DVD you have the same artwork you have on display? If so there was a master problem with that release from that studio. A release was done in 2010 with TEMPE VIDEO that is longer (by 3 minutes) with a much better master for the video… while still dark compared to most flicks I was aiming for that 1980’s video nasty feel where they transfer were kind of dark which made them a bit creepier, but not as dark as the Anthem release turned out.

    Glad you dug, and yes, you do not have to see Deadlands 1 to see Deadlands 2, in fact I even steer most folks into watching Deadlands 2 first because it is the film I prefer and it is a reboot because while I still enjoy having made Deadlands 1, the outcome wasn’t exactly what I had hoped for… Dead 2 was what I was aiming for minus a few things here and there, but it is the film I prefer.

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to check it out.

    Gary Ugarek/writer/director