Dark Woods review



This is not a horror film. I do not want people reading this review and
expecting this to be some kind of gorefest or ghost story, you will be sadly letdown. This
is a drama.




Plot-This story involves a married couple who go to this secluded area in the
woods for the husband to cope and come to terms with his wife’s condition, she
has terminal cancer that he thinks can be cured. Well, one night she thinks she
sees someone outside and the husband goes to check on it. And, a guy comes in
the house and just startles her and then just runs off and the husband chases
him and never catches him. The cops cant seem to help him find this guy and why
was he inside the house. So, one day on a jog the husband witnesses the same guy
trying to drown a little girl. He chases the guy again. Still cant catch him.
But, he takes the girl in, it seems she has no family, and he soon realizes
maybe this young girl is not as innocent as she seems. While the cops try to
locate her parents, and then tracking down this guy. It seems like his wife is
getting worst and worst, and the longer this little girl sticks around, the
weirder it seems to get for him.




Review-This film is a horror film in a different realm. The human condition.
How we cope with things and our refusal to accept a fate or things that happen.
This is both seen in the male and female perspective. In the male view, you have
someone who feels alone, longing for sex or just passion, failing to come to
terms with what doctors have told him, and the crisis of what truly is right and
wrong in the eyes of loneliness and pain. In the female view you have two points
the younger one, who wants to be accepted, to feel loved and seems to not know
what her words and actions truly mean. Teenage girls these days know more about
sex than most 40 year old men, it is because this is the forcing of society on
females. It makes women grow up faster and mature quicker. Maybe, she knows the
effect she has on him, maybe she is oblivious and just wants to feel wanted. All
we know, is this film paints a very bleak picture that is so desperate. And the
saddest part, it is not that rare these days. Guys in their mid to late 30’s and 40’s  want that young innocence. Whereas women in their 40’s want stability and someone to hold them.
Guys, want to have that eye candy that makes him think he is still a teenager
and that his friends would be envious. Is that a bad thing, no. It is the way
this world is operated. (Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones was 53 years old, and
his wife Mandy was 13). Then, you have the wife who of course, is jealous and
thinking something is going on when she is sick in bed. This paints a strange
art film, that works. This film is tense, very tense. And gives you a ending
that you sit there and think ” that is fucked up”. It leaves you talking. This
film is such a slow burn, but a effective one. It is like a Todd Solondz drama
with no comedy. This film has very cruel and dark overtones and believe me- you
will not guess where this film goes. And by the end, you know this film left you
thinking about a lot. This is not a date film. Hostel is more romantic than this




8 out of 10