Clemency mini review

This is a 19 minute short from first time director Joseph Albanese. Patrick
Rea and Jason Lloyd are the ones who are to blame for my love of shorts. Patrick
Rea for making some amazing ones and Jason at horrorphilia for hooking me up with ones that really
knocked my socks off. This one, is a good concept. It starts off with 2 girls
getting away from a serial killer and running. It is very beautifully shot and
gives you a decent amount of blood and goodness. Then, at the 5 minute mark. We
go thru the opening credits which tell us they captured the killer. Arthur Poe
now in jail has been spared of the electric chair. A reporter comes to talk to
him about the events and what led him to be who he is and how does he feel about
not being electrocuted and he gives the reporter a story she wont soon




This film is just not enough, but at the same time too much. I felt it rushed
a lot of things and tried to fit way too much in the last 5 minutes. This change
of pacing sort of hurt it. If it would have been 30 minutes long, I think the
film would have been better to keep up with the pace of the first part. At the
11 minute mark we get exposed to things that I cannot talk about, and that is 40
percent of the film. I wont spoil this film. Cause that part worked. This is a
great foot in the door, and I know with budget and time, you have to finish and
wrap up quick. I just wish this film was longer. I loved the characters and
story. And the killer was haunting. It was almost a silence of the lambs feel to
the interview. And as same old as it felt, I did not mind it. If this is made
into a full length film, I am in. I think the concept is solid and is the story.
Great debut.




7.5 out of 10