Brain Dead review


Holy fuck, how did I miss this film. I get so many films in the mail, that
sometime I overlook one or it is just in the stack that will be watched
eventually. Well, eventually was today and shame on me cause this film was Brain
Dead. Not the horrible one from the early 90’s. This is the indie one from 2007. Breaking Glass
pictures, who are shying away from the horror genre and releasing trash like
Half Noon, why did they not market this film better? This was sort of a lot of
fun. Shame on me for finally getting to this, but also keep in mind, I just
finally watched the so called  jewel in their crown the Slaughtered Vomit Dolls.
So I was wary. But, the major positive and also the major negative was that
this is directed by Kevin Tenney ( who was responsible for Witchboard and the original and far superior, Night of
the Demons..but on the same hand
was also responsible for a lot of throw away crap also including the sequels to
both) The plot of this film is basically, Bill and Ben are fishing, two older
men just spending their day fishing and all of a sudden something falls from the
sky and hits Bill in the head so much so it goes inside his brain and turns him
into a zombie-ish creature who rips his friend head apart and munches on his
brain. In a few different side stories we are introduced to characters such as
2 convicts, a preacher and a young church girl he is trying to deflower, a
lesbian and her straight friend, their paths lead to a fishing lodge where they
are holed up trying to survive. We learn that this so called infection that Bill
has can be passed on from person to person it just has to secrete a liquidish looking blob into you and soon you
are infected. Or crawl into any open space on your body.


This film is gore filled, and violent. The jokes are hit and miss. I found
some of the humor trying to be too smart for its own good and coming off very
boring. Do not get me wrong, I did not hate this film. But, I see all the fans
saying this is the 2nd coming of Dead/Alive, Evil Dead..I did not see that film. This film was fun, and a
good time. But, it was also forgettable and does not scream out for a 2nd
viewing. This film is a good film to watch with your friends, and have a few
laughs and gross out moments. But, a classic. Not really. And anyone noticed
Sherry, was the Nanny from Dexter.




7.5 out of 10