Black Swan review


Nina Sayers  has toiled for years within a New York ballet company, always
pushing herself. The company has fallen on bad times, and director Thomas Leroy
makes the decision to put on a new rendition of the classic Swan Lake The lead
is being pushed into retirement, Nina is quickly selected to be the lead. But,
competition  has come-a new dancer Lily , and the demanding desire for
perfection from both Thomas and her overbearing mother Erica, Nina begins a
journey into dark uncharted territory.




To me Aronofsky at one was perfect. Pi, Requiem, are perfect.
Then, came The Fountain. Which a lot of fans labeled him a ” sell out” and a ”
fluke”. But, it also changed the vision for which all things would come after.
The Wrestler, despite its flaws, I enjoyed because I am a huge wrestling fan.
Black Swan is the darling. All the fans and horror sites, are so in awe of this
film. Did I see the same film? I think Natalie Portman is so overrated. I liked
her as the kid in The Professional. Today, her roles are just annoying to ” oh
look America you have to fall in love with me”. She is a talentless excuse for
an actress. I  am glad to see Winona getting work again. And Mila Kunis. Talk about another actress who just keeps
making misses. Max Payne, Date Night, anyone..This film just seemed to me, one of those
snooty Roger Ebert lets be better than we are critics and praise this boredom. I
get so much flack for liking crap films, but how can someone defend liking this
film? It was about 45 minutes of dancing, 20 minutes of Portman showing off her
skeletal body trying to be like Bale in the Machinist. Why is it Hollywood
always rewards mediocre talent? I do love Barbara Hershey, Beaches with Bette
Midler was a better thriller, horror or whatever you sites who listed this in
your top ten is calling it. I call it a boring musical that I wish was 106
minutes less. Pass. A note, this has 3 women that all America has deemed as the
” it” girls..and I still hated it. Even my wife who loves these kinds of films,
disliked it even more than I did.


  • Whether I am or not, does it matter? Why are people so touchy about films, noone can take a review and be like, ” hey that is your opinion and I respect it”. It always has to be negative. ” Oh you do not know what your talking about”…..” oh he or she is a hack, or a idiot cause I loved that film..that means they have to love it” No offense, I watched this twice. I am not a internet hater, and I am way beyond fair with anything. But, if people love it hey its cool, but I did not sorry.

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