Zombie Love

This musical/almost broadway play is about Dante, who is a flesh eating
zombie. One hapless night of killing with his friends, he discovers a
beautiful woman named Claudia, who he falls in love with at first site. Here
lies the problem she is human and at first is scared of Dante. This 37 minute
musical is the story of Dante trying to portray himself as human to win her
over. You see the word zombie and horror fans are excited, and then you see the
words love and musical. And horror fans are like, not so excited. This film
plays out like a short broadway play. There is probably about 11 minutes of
dialogue and 26 minutes of songs. Zombie Love is the one song that they seem to
sing to each other over and over. In almost a Grease way. There is this one song
around the 24 minute mark, that caught me by surprise. It is when Dante’s
friends come over to his house and bring a female dead body, and they started to
tear into it, and Dante was trying to act like he is above this behavior in his
new role as normal. And the group busted into this song called ” Eat the Flesh”.
Either I must be extremely easy to please at times, or I am just wanting all the
hate I can get. This song was fun to me with the little sequence that went with
it. I just do not see many horror fans feeling the same. Maybe female musical
fans. You get very rare blood and gore, but when it is done. It is really well
done. This film is almost like West Side Story meets Grease, with the living and
undead. They also do a rap song. Yes, a rap song. Give this film points for
being original, and at least a fun concept. As a whole, it was a fast and
harmless ride, though at times the songs did seem to sound just like the song
before it. But, Eat the Flesh and it’s 4 minutes won me over.




6 out of 10