Weinstein Company Postpones Apollo 18 and Piranha 3DD

The Weinstein Company — and more specifically its Dimension Films genre wing — has pushed back the release of two of its major horror films for 2011. Piranha 3DD, originally slated for a September 16 release, will now hit theaters on November 23, while Apollo 18 has moved from April 22 all the way to January 6, 2012.

Both films seemed to have been rushed into production, with Piranha 3DD’s scheduled release coming only a year or so after Piranha 3D and with Apollo 18 having already been delayed from a March 4 release — a year and a half quicker than the simultaneously developed “found footage” moon thriller Dark Moon, which won’t come out until September 2012.

Apollo 18’s postponement is still surprising, given the studio has already released a trailer for the film, but at least its new slot is in a traditionally horror-friendly month. You have to wonder, though, about the strategy behind unleashing a campy, presumably hard-R niche film like Piranha 3DD the day before Thanksgiving, a date typically reserved for blockbusters and family-friendly fare.