UFC Ultimate Knockouts 8 ( mini review)

This blu ray has a lot of pluses and a few minuses. Let’s do this a little different and talk about the negatives first. The lack of special features. No weigh in’s or sharing thoughts on certain fights from the ones involved. Now it does have a bonus feature, it is a 7 minute clip with about 7 extra KO’s. The pluses, everything else-it has about 30 knock out matches, and is a little over 93 minutes long. You have a who’s who in UFC. One of the matches on here was Carwin vs Mir. The match that at that time put Carwin in contention to face Lesnar, the match that made the world talk about Shane Carwin. Do I really have to do that much selling, UFC fans this dvd is fun, it is nonstop and by the end, I had a great time with it. It is a must.