UFC-Best of 2010 dvd review (3-29-11)

As a lot of people know, I am a major UFC fan. When it comes to PPV time, we have a Hooters up the road, and I am usually up
there to get a good seat and some hot wings and a pitcher. Whereas wrestling and
boxing, have faced such lows, UFC has reached unreal highs. If I had to put my finger on the
thing that turned this around from the 90’s when the Gracie’s were doing their version of Fight
Club, without no remorse of who could get hurt, or killed. Was when Dana White
took over. He single handedly re defined the UFC. In shows like The Ultimate Fighter, Fight Night and lord
forbid now actions figure, and toys. He commercialized the sport, he put gloves
on his guys, and cared about their safety. But, he is also a shrewd business man
and he is quite vocal in the press and has yet to learn tact when it comes to
his true emotions. With word now, he bought Strike Force, lord knows I hope he
does not become a Vince McMahon and lose focus on his fans and the creative and
competive nature of the sport.




In 2010, was when you almost felt you were witnessing the second coming of
Don King. The hyped up super bouts. UFC fans were all a buzz, whether it was Cain vs Lesnar–or Shane Carwin vs Lesnar, when the whole planet made you feel if you did not
witness this firsthand, you did not matter. This double dvd is over 5 1/2 hours
of those matches, plus Rashad vs Jackson and about 20 plus more matches. Then the chapters,
that goes thru all the changes in the UFC in 2010. In full detail. I mean how much selling do I have
to do, this has all the memories that I as a fan, cherished sitting in that
hooters, cheering and excited to be a fan. I am just dying to see what 2011 has
in store for the UFC. Now that they are the only game in town. This is a must
own for all fans.