Top Ten List – Bart’s Top Ten Horror Remakes

We have another guest blogger with a top ten list. Once again, we are visited by the awesome Bart from Bart’s Review ( That is a great page that you have to visit. You will also be treated to a very nice horror podcast there.

After the list, I will touch on some of the movies listed there just because that’s how I roll.

Top ten horror movie remakes

I know that we have been bombarded with a slew of horror movie remakes. And I know that everyone is sickened by the mediocrity that they seem to represent, but I put together a list of some of the better made one’s. The remakes on this list are the ones that I’d rather watch than the originals.

10: Halloween
9: The Ring
8: 13 Ghosts
7: The Crazies
6: The Blob
5: House on Haunted Hill
4:The Fly
3: The Thing
2: The Hills Have Eyes
1: Dawn of the Dead

A lot of names of here, I would have expected to see. I love the remakes of The Thing, The Fly, Dawn of the Dead and Halloween. Yes, I said Halloween. While I still like the John Carpenter version more, Rob Zombie’s version is pure evil, and that really is what Michael Myers was, right?

As far as wanting to watch them over the originals, I could easily throw The Ring in there. Of course, The Thing and The Fly fall into this category as well. I would probably throw The Hills Have Eyes into that mix as well. Hell, I would even put Thirteen Ghosts into that list. As far as House on Haunted Hill goes, I really like the original and, while only having watched the remake once, I do not remember it doing much for me.

I can definitely see why any of these movies would make the list though. What do you think of the list?