The Season review

Welcome to Iowa.
On this country road is this gas station in the middle of nowhere. It is run by
a excommunicated Amish family, as well as genetically defective killing monster
kin. On this day of chance, enters 3 different cars who need gas. One being two
brothers, the other a father and daughter and the third a happy couple and their
friend on their way to a wedding. Little do they know the gas is defective? Yes,
the gas makes their cars die a little down the road. The women have been
declared suitable breeders. Which is never a good thing. And the guys are going
to be deemed suitable killing practice. Except one who they think is going to be
their doctor. Enter Esther, who is the hot young amish daughter who wants to
break free from this insane family and rescue the kidnapped guys and girls. And
pray that there is a sequel in the works.
The cast is mostly
no names except A.J Bowen who plays one of the brothers who is kidnapped. I
mean we have seen this film so many times. There is really nothing new going on
here, it is not bad for what it is, but again it is nothing new as well. The run
time is a little under 73 minutes, and this film in the middle wastes about 12
to 13 minutes on silly dialogue that should have built the story not slow it
down. The film has pacing issues, it is never quite sure of what it wants to be.
Does it want to be Children of the Corn, Island of Dr Moreau or The Village?
Towards the end, it seriously faces the worst obstacle of all,  how should it
end, it was almost like they were teasing one ending and giving you a slightly
different one. Which is not a bad idea, but what if both endings were not that
great of ideas to begin with. It is almost like they gave up and said ” ok this
is how it will end”. This film had its moments and I did not completely hate it.
It was ok. So if your a fan of small town weird folks movies, this one may be
for you. I almost forgot their is some gore in this film, and it is pretty
brutal. That is why the higher rating. I love the gore stuff. Great great work.
6 out of 10