The Drive By Truckers-Go Go Boots review

Patterson Hood
Mike Cooley
Brad Morgan
John Neff

Track Listing:
1. I Do
2. Go-Go Boots
3. Dancin’ Ricky
4. Cartoon Gold
5. Ray’s
Automatic Weapon
6. Everybody Needs Love
7. Assholes
8. The Weakest
9. Used To Be A Cop
10. The Fireplace Poker
11. Where’s
12. The Thanksgiving Filter
13. Pulaski
14. Mercy

Hailing from Athens, GA. The Drive By Truckers have been around
for a while. They have toured with everyone from Tom Petty, Bettye Lavette to The Hold
Steady. This is just pure country/soul/dare I say r and b at times, just
southern blues. Hailed by every magazine from Paste to Rolling Stones as an
important band, I had to see what my friend has been force feeding me song by
song for years, and all the hype is about. First and foremost, my best friends
are all die hards of this band,
they listen to the cds over and over.
Upon first impression, this reminds me of a southern verison of a old
school southern soulsy um..Bruce
Springsteen(?)  Born in the U.S.A era. The feel
good country soul rockish songs, that will have fans gathering around a cd
player cracking open a beer, smoking a joint and just air guitaring and singing
into fake mic’s. I know the band played on one of the last Bettye Lavette
cds. And the sound from some of the tracks like The Weakest
Man, and Mercy Buckets are the two songs that just stick out to me that sound
like they may have came from those sessions, they have that Bettye soul-ish sort of southern
rock feel. I have heard songs from the Jason Isabell days ( ex
member now solo) like from Southern Rock Opera. And, I sort of liked that harder
guitar sound, but the new cd has a a lot of  pluses. One is being that Shonna  is singing.(
I was just told she sang some on the last cd as well) I like her a lot. To hear
her voice, it is so distinctive and so angelicBut, Patterson is who the die
hards all love and
they are not too happy about Shonna, but I am not
a die hard so my opinion would be like a new fan. There is a song called
Assholes on here, that is so catchy, that a non fan would really be humming
this. And that is another thing, if you are a non fan, this band is not one of
those bands you have to start from first record to now, this cd is the first
Truckers I ever listened to the whole way thru. And, it makes me want to see if
my best friends who has force fed me songs off all these cds for years may be
right. You talk about a rabid fan base, this band is so dedicated to their fans.
Back to the music, each song to me, was really good. And Patterson, being one of
the last true rock and roll people, is such a fan of vinyl. Fans, get the vinyl
there is a bonus track not on cd, that my girl Shonna sings. And also Patterson
is in the doc about record stores and their survivals. ” I need that record” (
which I reviewed a while back and gave it a great review) The songs I recommend
you listen to first..if you are a
fan of The Hold Steady ( what a amazing band) you will dig I do Believe. This
would be a awesome song to open the tour with. It just defines the whole cd.
Used to be a cop is really cool. Assholes is the pick. I think this could do
wonders on modern radio or even hard country stations. All in all, it was not
that bad a cd. I see the hype, and I will be going to get their cds tomm. and have to
listen to all of them and see if I can be a die hard fan of this band.

7 out of 10
Shonna’s voice 10 out of 10