Stricken review

This film is based on a short by the same name. Stricken is about Sarah
Black. Her mom’s death and her father’s suicide, really have pushed her so far
over the edge she is losing a grip on reality. She is haunted by visions and is
thinking things are happening that are not. Those around her are worried about
all this. You know what, why go further with this plot. Let’s be honest..have you see the Grudge? You seen
this film.  If you seen Paranomal Activity, or any other foreign ghost  horror
film in the last ten years, you seen this film. This film bored me so bad, the
funeral at the beginning for her dad was so phony and horribly acted. You can
almost tell someone was giving them cues.




Shutter was even better than this film. And Shutter sucked. The scares in
this film were poorly reminiscing of the Harrison Ford What Lies Beneath film.
And dare I say reminded of the other waste The Nun. They were hokey and corny.
By the hour mark, I was really so far numb by this film, I thought why do I get
punished. This film is just boring. Pass. If it is not netflix instant, watch it for about 20 minutes to get a
few giggles. That funeral scene that lasted for almost 20 minutes was so poorly
done it was funny.  Other than that, skip this flick. And whoever writes the
reviews at Amazon and IMDB should be ashamed of themselves. I bet they are part
of the film.




unwatchable trash…