Sick of Sarah-2205 cd review

1. Over Exposure 2. Simple Parts 3. Giving Up 4. Kick Back 5. Kiss Me 6. Cigarettes 7. One Night Stand 8. Shattered 9. Autograph 10. El Paso Blue

I got a email today. ” James, I hear you are into female musicians. Have you heard of Sick of Sarah’s new cd yet?” I had to play stupid, ” I never heard their last cd, or anything they have done”. Well, 10 songs later, I can proudly say I have heard of them. The energy of this band is like The Runaways mixing it up with Sleater-Kinney in a poppy Donna’s sort of way. This 5 piece female band, where bands like Kittie and Donna’s fail, seem to change their sound per song. That was the first thing that impressed me no 2 songs sound alike. Where the song Cigarettes has a Rainer Maria feel, other songs like Kiss me and Overexposure are anywhere from Letters to Cleo to dare I say Heart in the melody. The band do not play over each other, they compliment the sound and each other. Abisha Uhl at times comes across as confident in her voice and at other times, she relies heavy on the backup vocals of Katie, Jessie and Jamie to carry the chorus. Which weirdly enough works. Songs like Giving Up, and Simple Parts almost sound The Like and Vivian Girls demos. So if you are a fan of The Like and the Vivian Girls, these songs will speak to you. As a whole, I had a good time with this cd. I am a fan of all the above mentioned bands. So, to me it was like a jam cd of my fave bands done by Sick of Sarah. It is a fun cd.

7.5 out of 10