Sick Girl review

Remember back in 2005, when David Slade put out that film that got all the
buzz at Cannes, and everyone who saw it was so shocked. The film was called Hard
Candy, which starred Ellen Page as a 14 year old girl who meets a 32 year old
Patrick Wilson, and tortures him. This film had so many people talking because
not only for the subject matter, but who really is the victim in this situation?
From this film, we had parents worried about their kids on the internet, so much
so the networks picked up on this fear and started the show To Catch a Predator.
Looking at the cover to Sick Girl, you almost think of this as a Hard Candy rip
off. Izzy may have the Ellen Page haircut
and innocent act at certain times, but a Hard Candy rip off, not even close.
Main character Izzy, is a troubled young lady with a lot of issues. The film
opens with a school bus with catholic girls and nuns picking her up. She is in
shorts and a white tee and is dirty. When she gets on the bus, you almost feel
immediately she is no normal girl. She is teased before getting on the bus and
she decides to jump a nun and take a piss on her. They throw her off the bus,
and then the killing starts. Thru flashbacks we learn her parents died at a
early age, and her older brother took care of her and her younger brother, which
we also find out she falls in love with her older brother. Which he wants no
part of, then he informs her he is going in the military, and now she is only
left with her dad’s old friend to come time to time and see how they are doing.
She is forced to become mom and dad to her 9 year old brother. In one scene, it
is christmas and she gives her little brother a gun. If that scene was not tense
enough, wait till you see her explain her actions to her father’s friend.
Then, Izzy finds out he is being picked on
at school by 3 boys and she makes it a point to bully them. What she makes them
boys do, is not only shocking it is fucked up. This film is non apologetic and
in your face, the tone and feel of the movie is depressing and also very cold
and cruel. There is no joy to this film or cute dialogue, you almost expect each
scene to out shock the last one. When this film ends, it is cruel. This is a
film that Hollywood would never have the balls to release and any horror fan
would have a great time in checking out. If not for anything else, the sex scene
in the barn is worth whatever price you spend on this film. It is hard to
believe this film has been out for 4 years I just heard about it. Either way,
great time.




9 out of 10Thanks to Synapse Films…