Shellter Review

Shellter is the new film from Dan Donley. It is a story that right now we as a society think a lot about. Look at all the volcanoes,tsunamis, tornados, and floods going on right now. I cannot remember any other time in my life we have had these many natural disasters. This film tells you about a infection that is so widespread and infecting everyone. Something that supposedly is in the water you drink, and food you eat. Zoey wakes up on one day in a shelter. No memory of how she got there, or what is going on above. In this shelter she is not alone, there are a few more patients. And a nurse, who has both her vagina lips and her regular lips glued shut. Then, we have a doctor. Whose methods are questionable but he is constantly drugging Zoey to sleep. When Zoey is awake, she witnesses things that are horrific. Well, the doctor tells her about the life outside of the shelter. And occasionally she views things outside thru a tv set that make her know this shelter as bad as it is, is her own means of survival. This film is gore, a lot of gore. There are some scenes in this film, like when he tests Zoey to see if she has what it takes to survive that are so tense, that you think maybe they wont take it so far, well sad to tell you, they not only take it so far, they take it further. This film is not afraid to be sick. And, if you are a horror fan, and you have not seen this film. I will say, this is your wetdream. This film is just non stop. It belongs in the same breath as a Inside, Martyrs and Fronteir (s) as a indie horror film that just is so over the top and non apologetic, that scene after scene it gets worst and more intense than the scene before it. The characters and story were top notch. The blood and gore was well done. There are some things better left not talked about, like what was the food source they were using to survive and also some of the scenes that were hinted upon and you know they happened, and you are sitting there feeling uneasy cause you know she went thru them. Esp. when he is performing surgeries on people and there is no drugs, or anesthesia. This film is gross, sick, repulsive and should never be watched by a PG 13 horror fan, or someone who runs to the multiplex for the hollywood horror. Which means, I loved it and it will be in my top 20 of the year for sure..Dan Donley, I never heard of you, but oh my god you got my attention now. I am ready for your next vision.

9 out of 10