Shadow review

All you fans of Frontier(s), Karina Testa’s follow up is finally on dvd courtesy of IFC films and it is called Shadow. Shadow is the story of David ( played by Jake Muxworthy). David is a soldier just out of the Iraq war on a bicycle retreat to a place a friend of his gave him a picture of one time called The Shadow. Our story starts off with David just wanting to go to a bar to get a beer. In this empty bar he glances across the room at Angeline ( played by Karina Testa) after a few smiles and glances, entering the bar are two local hunter guys. They start messing around with Angeline and David steps in. Angeline just takes off. A while later, David leaves as well. Well as fate would have it, David and Angeline run into each other again, when David’s tent gets blown away, and he is chasing it. The next day the two of them while bicycling, encounter some deer’s. Well, the 2 guys from the bar are trying to kill the deer’s. And this is where the trouble starts again. Angeline screams the deer’s away and before you know it, David and Angeline are being chased by the truck. Until they encounter, the woods where local legend says it is ” haunted”. Soon, the 4 of them are captured in the woods by someone, who proceeds to torture them.

This film almost plays out like 3 mini movies into one. It runs 77 minutes, the first thirty are all about the 2 guys chasing David and Angeline. Then, it goes into Saw and Hostel territory. And the third one is something that to me made no sense at first but the more I thought about, the more i liked that I stuck it out to see the pay off. This is horror lite. The torture scenes have been done in other films and create nothing new, but they are still cool and effective. The acting on all the characters was amazingly better than average. And Karina Testa has a lot of fans, and she delivers for the most part. But, here she plays the innocent damsel in distress.

This film is a tough sell to a gore hound, yes you get the gore but you go thru 35 minutes to get to it. And, as a drama, you have three guys that are strapped down and one being fried. It has twists of course, and you almost expect it to be what happens. Did it make sense, sort of. But, the ending to High Tension makes zero sense, and I gave it a 10 out of 10. Again, this film has a audience and I think it is well worth a rental for Karina alone.

7 out of 10