Nickel Children news…

Children is an award winning international sci-fi fantasy steampunk adventure,
that leans heavily on a darker western/gas lamp fantasy type of film.  It is a
genre heavy piece that has been screened in over 20 cities winning 2 awards for
Best Film at the Halloween in July film festival in Nashville, and best Sci-Fi
at  ValleyCon36 / Fargo Fantastic Film Festival in Fargo, ND. Another 13
screenings coming up so far this year.  Not only has it become a fan favorite at
sci-fi fantasy conventions, but it has, without being preachy or saccharine, touched
people with its sensitivity to the serious problem of child






19th Century, dust bowl Kansas.  A young boy, Jack, witnesses his parent’s
murder, and is forced to survive in an underground child fighting ring. Only the
wealthiest are invited to attend these secret communities to bet on the children
for their own amusement. However, one among them, is determined to find her
abducted son … whatever the cost.




film was shot in five days in Nashville, TN on a shoe-string budget using the
Canon 5D MarkII cameras.  Writer and director Kevin Eslinger assembled a
professional, and passionate, cast and crew that was dedicated to putting
together this ambitious project.  Aria Durso was the costume designer, with the
addition of many fantastic items donated and lent to the production from the
amazing help and support from the Steampunk community.  Keith Stacey composed
the raw western score with haunting tonehammer accents to heighten the action
throughout the film.  Professional stunt choreographer Ian Quinn (24, Heroes,
The Cleaner) brought believability to the action sequences.  Justin Eslinger
assembled the footage and developed the incredible Visual FX to create the
painterly environments.  An amazingly talented cast with newcomers Easton
McCuiston as Jack, and Jeremy Snowden as The Sheriff. As well as acting veteran
Amanda Bailey (Make-out with Violence, Inside Music Row), brought an intensity
that we will see throughout the series.




out the Teaser here :