Movie Review – Youth in Revolt (2009)

Movie Review - Youth in Revolt (2009)While his trailer trash parents teeter on the edge of divorce, Nick Twisp sets his sights on dream girl Sheeni Saunders, hoping that she’ll be the one to take away his virginity.

Director: Miguel Arteta
Writers: Gustin Nash (screenplay), C.D. Payne (novel)
Starring: Michael Cera, Portia Doubleday, Zach Galifianakis, Steve Buscemi, Fred Willard, Ray Liotta, Jean Smart, Mary Kay Place, Justin Long

Based on the popular book by C. D. Payne, Youth in Revolt is pretty much what you expect from a  film with Michael Cera. In the dual role of Nick Twisp and his mischievous, imaginary alter ego Francois, Cera pulls off something special. In addition to Cera, we are treated to newcomer Portia Doubleday, who we can look forward to seeing more work from. Youth in Revolt really pushes the boundaries of the kinds of transgressions a protagonist can commit without losing the audience’s sympathy. I am not quite sure how many actors could have pulled off that kind of reaction outside of Michael Cera.

Cera plays Nick Twisp, who falls in love at first site with Sheeni Saunders (Doubleday) at a trailer park where he’s temporarily staying with his mom her deadbeat boyfriend. Sheeni has a fascination for anything French, and seeing that Nick is not what Sheeni is looking for in a guy, Nick dreams up the alter ego of Francois, who is the bad-boy version of Nick.

Obsessed with wanting to bed Sheeni, Nick gets into one crazy situation after another while causing many hilarious moments. Sadly, most of the best parts of the movie were already shown in the theatrical trailers, but there were still a few surprises that we had not already seen that make the film enjoyable. If you have not seen the multitude of trailers during the marketing of Youth in Revolt, you will really be in for a treat. Regardless, the movie is a blast and should not be missed.
Youth in Revolt - Michael Cera