Movie Review – The Clinic (2010)

Movie Review - The Clinic (2010)While traveling across country with her fiancé, Beth wakes alone in an isolated clinic to a mother’s worst nightmare. Just how far will she go to save her child?

Director: James Rabbitts
Writer: James Rabbitts
Stars: Tabrett Bethell, Freya Stafford and Andy Whitfield

The Clinic is a Australian thriller with an unsettling enough premise that would catch any horror movie fan off guard. In the vein of movies such as Inside and Grace, this is another film tackling the subject of how far a mother would go to save her child.

While the film begins innocently enough with a couple checking into a motel, it quickly turns into a slow-burning thriller with very few boring moments. Throughout the movie, we are treated to some very nice sets. Actually, the entire film had pretty high production value. The cast even delivers pretty solid performances all the way around as well.

The few flaws that I did find with The Clinic are that the movie tries too hard to be bigger than it is. We are introduced to far too many characters without knowing anything about most of them. The plot twists and turns a little more than it needs to as well. Also, the characters make some decisions that just do not make sense.

It is interesting to note that this low-budget film was shot in only 29 days in the outback town of Deniliquin, NSW. It is also a period piece set in 1979. I am actually surprised that we do not get more of these period pieces these days.

As far as the aforementioned set pieces go, my main concern with them would be how vast all of these sets were. I would have had some sense of how trapped these women were in their surroundings. That is something that I could not get from the film.

For fear of spoiling much of what The Clinic offers, I do not want to get too deep into the film, but if you have the chance to view this movie, I would suggest that you do. While it will not make any top ten lists, I found the movie to be a fine way to spend an evening.