Movie Review – Red River (2011)

Movie Review - Red River (2011)Written and directed by: Jacob Ennis
Starring: Dave Haney, Jackey Hall, Levi Brandenburg & Megan Marie Wilson

Red River, directed by Jacob Ennis (Stash), is billed as being in the tradition of Last House on the Left, The Hills Have Eyes and Tobe Hooper’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The reported budget is a remarkable $5,000, which leaves one to wonder right away if the movie has anything of value. Well, low budgets do not scare me, so I jumped right into the water to see what Red River had to offer.

Set in a small town in the backwoods of Kentucky, Red River tells the tale of Roland Thatcher: a family man, a business man, a man of God…and a man who doesn’t take kindly to strangers. When a group of city kids sets up camp on the outskirts of his property, they spark a chain of events culminating in bloodshed, dismemberment and mass murder. As a local, fledgling reporter inches closer to the Thatcher property, the shocking truth about Roland and his ‘family’ may finally emerge.

Red River has its interesting moments, which mostly reside with the gore in the film. The gore is done remarkably well considering the low budget. There are quite a few problems with the movie, which one would expect. As expected, the acting is well below par, but the writing is pretty much hit or miss. The misses are mostly with the silly one-liners and beyond-stupid characters. These characters have silly, pointless conversations which make it hard to get from one interesting moment of the film to the next.

As far as the hits go with the writing, the antagonists are done very well, and the director knows what sells in a low-budget horror movie – blood and boobs, both of which are abundant with Red River. Roland Thatcher uses a larynx microphone, and I do not know about you, but larynx microphones scare the hell out of me. He is also quite the oddball and is one of the better characters in the film.

It is always nice to see well done, practical movie effects instead of using bad CGI too. I am not saying that all CGI is bad, but with a budget like this, the CGI would end of being done poorly. There were many instances of gore that were just bloody as hell and would be more blood than the average horror movie fan would be able to handle.

While not an exciting film, it is easily much better than the majority of movies I watch and I know that I will revisit this movie again to see how well it holds up for a second viewing.

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Red River