Metal Review – Volturyon – Coordinated Mutilation (2011)

Metal Review - Volturyon - Coordinated Mutilation (2011)Swedish Death Metal band Volturyon returns with the follow-up to their 2008 album, Blood Cure. This little ditty is titled Coordinated Mutilation. By the title alone, you pretty much guess that this band just brings it. After seeing the album cover, by Polish artist Lukasz Jaszak, which displays a masked menace with a chainsaw hacking up a body, you now know that they will bring it. Also, based on the album cover, you can pretty much guess who their main influence it – Cannibal Corpse. I guess if you are going to rip another artist off, it mine as well be the best selling band in your subgenre.

Outside of the obvious visual influences, I think that Volturyon does enough musically to set themselves apart from any other Death Metal act out there. The vocals of Olle Ekman are more than solid for any Death Metal act. As far as the tracks go, you pretty much get 10 very solid tracks of some seriously Technical Death Metal with some nice Thrash Metal riffs thrown in for good measure.

I have a feeling that I may have already heard my favorite Death Metal release of 2011.

Volturyon Current Line-up
Olle Ekman РVocals (Pergolos, Hartwig, D̦d, Lethal Attack, Deals Death)
Johan Gustafsson – Guitar (Evangeli, Magog (Swe))
Andreas Olander – Guitar (Evangeli, Magog (Swe))
Stefan Eriksson – Bass (Evangeli, Hell Patrol (Swe), Magog (Swe), Cryonic Temple)
Christian “Crille” Netzell – Drums (In Mourning)

Coordinated Mutilation Track Listing
01. Bloodsoaked Solution
02. Savage Gluttony
03. Eight Corner of Slaughter
04. Euphoria Through Execution
05. Ravaged
06. Coordinated Mutilation
07. Abide under Eminence
08. Sadistic Molestation
09. Sanguinolency
10. Intense Convulsions

Volturyon Band