Metal Review – Varg – Wolfskult (2011)

Metal Review - Varg - Wolfskult (2011)Style: Viking Metal / Pagan Metal / Folk Metal

Country: Germany

Varg is a band that I can really get behind these days. I loved their previous release, Blutaar. When I listened to Wolfskult, I was surprised to see that their style had actually changed drastically. Gone are the Viking Metal / Pagan Metal sound of their previous release. This is more of a straight-up Melodic Death Metal sound with a few Folk Metal moments (very few). I have to tell you, that suits me even better. I am not as big of a fan of Folk Metal as I am Melodic Death Metal. Hearing one of the releases that I was looking forward to the most this year with a style that I like more. Sweet!

There is a deluxe 2-CD edition available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland only, but I have not had the chance to pick that one up yet. I did the next best thing and got the 1-CD version for now.

There is not weak moment on Wolfskult. Songs like Schwertzeit just keeping bringing it until you cannot take it any longer, but of course, you just want it to keep coming. The riffs come at you hard and heavy, and of course, Philipp Seiler’s vocals are as solid as ever.

I was surprised to hear how catchy the chorus of the title track, Wolfskult, was. By the way, the main riff is unreal.The track Naglfar is just evil. That is another track with some wicked riffs. Glorreiche Tage makes you think of Amon Amarth, although it is just straight Melodic Death Metal.

Overall, this is a release that you need to get your hands on. The production values are extremely high and this is a CD that you will want to crank up and let your neighbors hear. They will appreciate it. Trust me on that one.

– Philipp “Freki” Seiler / Vocals, Guitar
– Zasch “Hati” / Guitar
– Timo “Managarm” / Bass, Backing Vocals
– Silvester “Fenrier” Grundmann / Drums

Disc I
01. Jagd
02. Wir Sind Die Wölfe
03. Schwertzeit
04. Wolfskult
05. Naglfar
06. Glorreiche Tage
07. Phönix
08. Blutdienst III
09. Sehnsucht
10. Glutsturm

Disc II [bonus] [Germany/Austria/Switzerland only]
01. Rotkäppchen [feat. Anna Murphy]
02. Aus Der Asche Ins Licht
03. Helden Der Nacht
04. Nichts Zu Fürchten
05. Urd [Akkustikversion]
06. Verdandi [Wolfszeit Akkustikversion version] [feat. Masha]
07. Skuld [Skal Akkustikversion version]
08. (Hidden Track)