Metal Review – Impiety – Advent Of… (2011)

Metal Review - Impiety - Advent Of... (2011)Impiety are a band from Singapore and Italy that has a unique blend of Extreme Metal / Black Metal / Death Metal / War Metal among a few other subgenres of Metal. The Advent Of … EP was actually a surprise release for me. It looks like it was due to a label switch. Once they signed to Pulverised Records, they put out this 3 song EP. Of course, I was all over it like white on rice.

While we only get 3 new songs to sink our teeth into, each song is well worth it. The EP opens up with Advent of the Nuclear Baphomet, which is a straight, in-your-face charger. It just keeps coming at you for over 6 minutes. Within these 6 minutes, we are treated to a ton of Thrash Metal and Death Metal riffs, heaps of blastbeats, some sweet vocals and just great overall musicianship.

The second track, Ave Satanas, has a beginning hearkening back to old Metallica or Mercyful Fate, but quickly turns into blastbeats galore with another solid song for our sonic pleasure. The final track of Advent Of… is Blood Ritual Defamation. This one comes in at over 8 minutes and is well worth every second of it. Another great intro to this some. It is just pure evil.

As a side note, the cover artwork was designed by renowned Thai artist Lord Sickness.

I really hope to get another full-length release from Impiety soon, but for now, I am extremely happy with what we have. If you have listened to it, post your thoughts.