Little Erin Merryweather review

Originally released in 2003, on the heels of Red Riding Hood. Indican decided to re-release this film. Loosely based on the fairy tale of Red Riding Hood, this is almost like if Urban Legend and the fairy tale just merged. Erin Merryweather is a college librarian that we find out was molested by her father, and thru her doll she became the fairy tale heroine. And guy to guy will pay for the sins of the big bad wolf that in her eyes still exists in every guy who has dirty hands.

I should dismiss this film and hate it, that is what almost anyone who knows me-is expecting. But, I got into this film. Is it a classic, hell no. But, it was a fun little watch. This is no blood bath, or gore fest. The killings, you get old school weapon, and victim. And they let you guess the rest. The characters held my attention, and the story as laughable as it was, worked for me somewhat. It is a little over 80 minutes and the first 20 were spent standing still it seemed like. As horror fans, with a few indie movies as of late, they are asking a lot of us to be patient with pacing issues that some films seems to be facing . It is almost like, hey guys just stick it out a few more minutes I promise you it will get better If this film would have trimmed the opening sequences by ten minutes, this film would have such a better flow and I would have liked it a lot more. But, after the first twenty or so minutes you are like ok, it is going to pick up. And it does pick up, I just do not know how many horror fans can buy into the patience of waiting. In this day, when it seems like everyone is either blogging or podcasting, this film may get lost on a lot, and many will dismiss it after 15 minutes. That is sad. As a whole, I give it credit for giving me a few jump scares that worked and a beat to death premise that I actually had fun with. As a whole, it is not inventing the wheel but it is not destroying it either. I have seen better and I have seen worst. This is probably leaps and bounds better than the abortion that is playing at the theaters.

6 out of 10