Joy Formidable-The Big Roar cd review

Black Bell Records
Big Hassle Media

Band Members-
Rhydian Dafydd Davies
Matt Thomas




This is the debut cd by Wales own Joy Formidable. About a year and a half ago
they released a ep called A Balloon called Moaning. Mixing a female sound to a
alternative backdrop, this band reminds me of the heyday of UK pop. A guitar
sound that were used on early works by bands such as  Pulp with Blur. A
female singer in the same vein of a young Joni Mitchell. A band they resemble is
the Duke Spirit. Their songs are not too poppy to the point pop garbage, they
are well structured little alternative love letters. Songs like The Greatest
Light is the Greatest Shade, and Whirring would do amazing on modern radio.




The only negative I can say is that some of the songs are so drawn out at
times, that you just wish they were simple. This is more in the vein of what
PJ Harvey has been putting out in the
last few records. Just slow alternative pop. This band have so many pluses, that
the few negatives really do not matter. They could work and women would get into
songs like Austere and making their love’s buy this cd for them. As a whole, I love the cd, and the voice and this is easily going to be in my top 20.
The Joy Formidable is for real.




8 out of 10