Jason Hoover ( Jabb Pictures) interview

1.What made you want to be a director?

I love movies. I love that you can change someone’s mood or thoughts on a subject through film. I felt like it was the perfect outlet for me to tell the stories I found compelling.

2.What does the term ” indie” mean to you?

Now days it covers everything from Youtube movies to 2 million dollar Hollywood movies. Just like the term has lost it’s meaning in music, it no longer applies to what people are actually doing now. I’ll wear the badge if I must but I feel like artists are taking things into their own hands now. Gone are the days when you needed a huge lot of studios to produce a film. The best movies today are coming out of peoples basements and garages. Anyone with a camera and a basic understanding of computers can share their story with the world. Good or bad.

3.Do you think the internet gives too many people way too much freedom?

Not at all. Just like in life, you can choose to listen or not. The world outside of the internet is just as crazy. It just provides people a soapbox. Good or bad.

4.Do you think when someone blames the budget as to why a film is not that well received, is fair, or that they are looking for a scapegoat?

Budget can be a huge roadblock when your trying to tell a story. Let’s face it; if you want to make a movie about a Corvette, you need a Corvette. Personally, I feel like it drives you to be more creative when writing. You are forced to find a way around the things you can’t afford. Blaming anyone but yourself after you have released a movie is just being dishonest. You saw it before it went out. You knew if it sucked or not.

5.Do you think females get a fair shake in indie films and the industry in general?

Women don’t get a fair shake in any industry. Not just this one. I think directors like Kathryn Bigelow have changed peoples minds alot. Near Dark and The Hurt Locker are great films. Kitsie Duncan at Darkrider Studios is a major player in independent horror right now. She and Chris Jay are viewed as equals in the industry. They do amazing work together. I know without my girlfriend (the A in JABB) Amy Carmical, I wouldn’t be where I am today. She has played a huge part in the writing and directing of my films. Women have more than proved that they can be as or more successful in this business than men.

(I still won’t play golf with one though)

6.What was the last film beside your own, that blew you away?

The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. I’ve become a HUGE fan of Documentaries over the last couple years. That film is more interesting and entertaining than any Hollywood script writer could conceive.

7.Do you think indie films have too much freedom and that some films go way too far in its content and subject matter?

If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. People should be allowed to make whatever film they want. As long as everyone involved is onboard and a willing participant. Too far for you may be comfortable to me.

8.How would you deal with an actor or actress who who was not fully behind the vision and script?

Find another actor or actress.

9.Do you think youtube directors are a insult to people who went to school and learned the trade?

Not at all. I’m not insulting an auto mechanic when I change my own oil. Film school is a great thing. People should go if they want to do this for a living. However, all the material a film school can provide can be found on the internet. The resources are available for free. With time and dedication you can teach yourself almost anything.

10.Do you think the government should take more steps to stop illegal downloading? And how do you feel when you see a review of your film on a site that you know you did not send anything to and do not know how they got it?

I think the Government has much more important issues to deal with. Illegal downloading is a problem. If you want to see a movie that a lot of people have put their blood, sweat, money and tears into you should have to pay for it. It’s a fair trade. Without revenue there would be NO industry. I have come across a bootlegged copy of my first short film Spike. A guy said “You should check this out. It’s really good.” Obviously, the guy had no idea who I was. Was I angry that I lost the profit from that film? Nope. I was flattered. Someone actually took the time to copy something I made and pass it to a friend. It was a compliment. Then I started thinking…….., “Wait, I PAID for that dvd. It came out of MY pocket. If you like it, you should WANT to pay me for it. That’s only fair.” It’s a tough subject. I can see both sides. The one thing that I can guarantee is that it won’t be subsiding any time soon.

11.What is your personal goal, dream?

To create something that lasts longer than I do. I am reminded of something from my favorite movies everyday. A quote or a character, a location or a great shot. A great movie has the power to stay relevant forever. That, and enough money to pay someone to cut my grass. I hate mowing the lawn.

12.Do you think alot of blog critics and for that matter youtube and other website critics are harsh on indie films?

Some are. You have to keep the context in mind when your watching a movie. What was the budget? Is it a first time filmmaker? Are these “real” actors or just friends and family? That goes for big budget movies too. 100 million dollars should make one hell of a movie. For the most part, I’ve found that they are very understanding.

13.If this never came to be, or had to end tomm. What would you do for a living?

Make movies. No doubt about it. And maybe go back to stripping part time.

14.If anyone wanted to get started in this biz, what advice would you give?

Do it only if you love it. If it’s your passion. That way make it or not, you won’t want to kill yourself.

15.This is your chance to promote, pimp and thanks so much!

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Jason Hoover
JABB pictures