I spit on your corpse, I piss on your grave

It is hard to believe it has been 10 years since Eric Stanze released this film. Getting his start in 1994, he was making indie films that really never truly caught on to the public. Then, came a film called Scrapbook. For all you fans who watched The Devil’s Rejects and thought that was brutal. You may not want to see this film, it will scare the shit out of you. It is way too brutal. Then, some foreign investors ( SRS) started whispering in his ear about upping the sick ante. What started off as a cheap take on I spit on your grave turned into something completely different. To watch the collector’s edition and hear Eric’s commentary or even his interviews, you can almost tell he was not the biggest fan of the direction of this film, or the material. But, one thing for sure the fans sure bought a lot of copies and the reviews flooded the internet. You talk about a film that has some bad backlash. If certain scenes were not knocked, it was the acting. A film like this created the internet hater, the blog critic and most important the internet film maker. Even the box is misleading, that is not even Emily Haack who plays the main character Sandy on the front.

Lets just go ahead and talk about the film. There is a shit eating scene, a full on masturbation scene. The ramming of a man with a broom handle. Ok, internet haters, release your venom. Noone forced you to watch this film. The story revolves around Sandy who is kidnapped, or captured by a group of guys and she turns the tables on them. The acting is what it is. I mean look at the budget what do you expect? A film like this you have to know what you are walking into, which most people did. So knowing this and reading all the negatives and positives about this film, why hate the movie it delivered what you knew it would? Is the movie a masterpiece, hell no. But, it was not as bad as people make it out to be. And Emily Haack is not one of my favorite people on this planet to deal with, and I even do not need to diss on her in this film, she did a great job. I mean she was only on set for less than 3 days.

Along with the film is a making of featurette that happened in 2006, that shines a lot of light into this film. It is funny, when you hear people like Eric, or a Fred Vogel and even a Ryan Nicholson for that matter talk in interviews they come across totally different as to what you would expect. I have had several talks with Stanze, and he has always been so negative about this film. But, this film has sold so many units how can you bitch about a success? Again, this film is not perfect, but the talent behind it is. I am a wicked pixel fan.

7 out of 10..happy birthday bro.