Horror Review – Trilogy of Blood (2010)

Horror Review - Trilogy of Blood (2010)So, James D. sends me this DVD and asks me to review it. How can a friend say no to that? I started watching this bad boy and I was cursing James’ name for about five minutes, then something weird happened. I found that I was actually enjoying myself. I am still not sure why I was enjoying it. Whether it was the abundance of boobs and blood or the dark imagery displayed throughout TRILOGY OF BLOOD, but something was actually making me enjoy it. Keep in mind that this film has a budget (roughly as they say) of $62. Can’t they at least give us the cents too, so we know how much it really cost? Anyway, I am not one to believe that it only cost $62 to make, but yes, it is ultra-low budget.

The beginning of the film is not edited very well, hence the reason why it was wearing on me quickly, but once the hillbilly hitchhiker hit the stage and THE DEADNEKS did a performance, I was into the film. From that point forward, as silly as it was and as crazy as it was, I was all-in and enjoying myself. Don’t get me wrong, it will not make my top ten film list of the year, but being as though it has a running time of 27 minutes, this is the best short that I have seen in a few years. Keep in mind that I have judged for film festivals, so I have had the chance to see quite a few short films recently, so that is actually saying something about this film.

All in all, if you are down for watching something a little over the top, but a lot of fun, you could do much worse that TRILOGY OF BLOOD. And, of course, you get to see Brenna Roth, daughter of David Lee Roth. Come on, you know you want to.

When a trio of sexy city gals picks up a broken-down hillbilly in the backwoods of Virginia – the three kittens get A LOT more than they bargained for when they accept the drifter’s invitation to a down-home barbecue. What these lovely ladies don’t know just may hurt ’em – when they find that the menu of this hayseed hoe-down isn’t the standard “burgers and dogs”!

Shot on-location by Ruckus Productions in the hills of Virginia with an estimated budget of roughly 62 dollars – TRILOGY OF BLOOD is a grindhouse gore-fest combining old-school drive-in horror, with three (count ‘em – THREE!!!) rowdy performances by the grittiest psychobilly act this side of Pleasant Valley!!!

Starring Brenna Roth (B-movie starlet and daughter of legendary rocker David Lee Roth), and psychobilly sickos THE DEADNEKS – TRILOGY OF BLOOD is a carnage-crazed feast for the eyes and ears of hell-raisin’ Psycho Rock-and-Roll and 70’s exploitation-style cinematic madness!!!

If you see only one triple-music-video-slash-southern-fried-horror-film this century – grab your vomit-bags and earplugs, and treat yourself to a…TRILOGY OF BLOOD!!!!!!!!


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  • That and mourning wood are taking a trip this week…thanks for my present..

  • Have not seen it yet, so I have not read any reviews. Very interested to check it out though. I have heard good things.

  • I am not sure if you know this or not. We are the first site to give Mold! a negative review. The director and star have been emailing me and talking to me on their sites. I am going to send you the screener they gave me to review and see what you think.

  • I am so glad that you had me watch this. Another great call.

  • I felt the same way. I was about a few minutes in and I was like looking at my watch and thinking this will be a long sit. But, once the music hit, this film was just all over the place and it was fun. The stuff they do in this film, this film is just insane fun. It is co produced by the Dire Wit guys who did Isle of the Damned and the new Pleasures of the Flesh. This film is a home run. And he has a 6 minute short called Sadist. Charlie clearly has a lot of issues. He is going to rock if they give him a budget and a film.