Fierce Friend and The Frolic reviews

Jacob Cooney? I never heard of him but you know what I am game to learn about this gentleman. He sent me a short and a film. Let us start with the film.

Fierce Friend.

This is the story of 2 friends, Bobby and Patrick. The story starts off with Patrick running from the school bullies and Bobby hides him and thru this they became friends. Now, fast forward 20 years later and Bobby is on the verge of marriage and moving out of Patrick’s place. Patrick becomes obsessed with trying to break Bobby and his fiancee April up. So much so, he puts video cameras all over the house and then really goes over the deep end and starts lying, playing games and murder.

This film works in little doses. What do you mean James? Well, some scenes to me would have been more effective or creative if they were not so long winded. The characters were ok. The actors all gave their hearts and soul and it showed. But, some of the script just seem so same old same old as did some of the scenes. I would have loved to let the actors just go beyond the script you could tell they looked in certain scenes they were holding back. The ending I adopted a word called the “Cooney ending”, which means do not blink your eyes, it is boom. I watched it all the way thru, and it did not bore me which is always good. It tried, so I cannot hate this film. But, I was not that big a fan of it.

4 out of 10

The Frolic

This is a 22 minute short . Dr David Munck is a prison psychologist who has a inmate patient named John Doe. Who drives the doctor to his breaking point.

First off, this short packed quite the punch. And, it has the “Cooney ending”. And, oh man was I mad. I did not figure this film out. It was well acted and very suspenseful. This film is told more thru the eyes of John Doe, and boy does he make you think. You know something is brewing, but trust me I went into every scenario during the film, and I was not even close as to what this punch the film will pack. And, boy did that ending just make you wish there was 10 more minutes or even a full length film. If you are a fan of films like Silence of the Lambs, this short should be on your must see list. This film is so sinister and dark. Cooney you are evil.

8.5 out of 10