How is this for a premise. Tim is a deaf man who clearly has a lot of issues. He hears voices, and sees visions. All of them bring him back to memories of his abusive step father who locked him in a closet for reasons never discussed. Enter Heather who is a girl, Tim falls for. And she is quite the character as well, for she may have other motives for Tim. And to add to Tim’s ordeals, is a neighbor who wants Tim out of the house so he can fix up the house and sell it for millions.

This film is barely 80 minutes, and if you see the trailer then there is no need to see this film. The trailer spoils the whole film and the twists and turns. But, thank god I did not see the trailer till after, that being said, this film is really depressing. Both in a positive and negative way. The visions of the torture Tim went thru with his father who may or may not have wore a clown outfit, were cold and could hit home with a lot of people who witnessed abuse or been a part of it. It was way too realistic. And on top of that it shows how Tim became deaf which is sad and sick, and if you seen Dread you may have a clue sort of. How can you not watch this film and not feel bad about Tim. Especially when he is crying about going deaf and the means of how it happened. It is depressing. And the scenes where he is alone and locked in his own house and being stalked towards the end, is cruel. They make Tim as a hopeless victim, and they try to play off your pity and sympathy a lot. My gripe is the ending, boy did they finish that way too fast. It was like boom plot twist..boom a matter of seconds. For a film that was building up a story and the pacing seemed to be going ok. why rush the last ten minutes?

I have seen better and I have seen a lot worst. I may watch it again, who knows. I had a fun time with it, but lord did I mention this film is a downer.

7 out of 10
Also a personal note..this film was made fully captioned.