Cam Girl review

This should be fun. Chemical Burn studios..feel the burn. Trust me, I do. You talk
about a company that is under fire from a lot of us in the horror community.
Hell, the film community. Chemical Burn, are a lot like Brain Damage, they are a
small company that is putting out quick and easy films trying to build a fan
base. Made on budgets little to nothing, just trying to create a buzz. Cam Girl,
is the latest gem. It is basically about some women who are cam girls. They
provide a entertainment to satisfy and fulfill fantasies. Main girl Mary, feels
like something is watching her and trying to get her.

This is soft core
indie slop. The girls in the film are hot, but seriously why not just go
hardcore porn. If the girls are willing to go this far for 15.00 why not just up
the pay to 40. and see if we could get some penetration. This film muted worked
well. When they talk, it killed the fantasy and sex appeal. It is like hanging
out with a super model who before sex reads to you the phone book from top to
bottom. This film is for you fans, who are ashamed to buy porn and want a cheap
harmless fix of breasts and closed leg vagina shots. Whoopie.




I would rather drink battery acid than admit I had fun with this film. The
women were hot, and the scenes were shot well. It is almost like watching a
penthouse ABC special. As a whole the film is garbage, but the women are hot.
Just mute it..for full effect.


2 out of 10