Boy Wonder review

Boy Wonder is a character study into the psyche of Sean. When he was 9, he was helpless as his mother was brutally killed by someone in what he thought was a car jacking. You would think a situation like watching your mother die was bad enough. Before her death, his father was a abusive alcoholic who loved to beat his mom up while he watched helplessly. When his mother was not the target of his dad’s abuse, it was Sean. Who as a kid walked around with bruises. Fast forward 10 years later. Sean is now a A student in school but also he keeps to himself, when he is not reading books to get more knowledge he spends his days at the police department looking at mug shots of criminals. Now, you may ask why would Sean be doing that. Cause he wants to defend the helpless who get beat up. While still trying to get the pieces of his life in order and seek out who killed his mother on that night. Along the way Sean sort of befriends a female detective Teresa, who like Sean is also a victim. Not of the same crimes but other self crimes. Like a criminal she convicted that is swearing he is going to be free and when he does, he will harm her and her child. A marriage and life that went down the tubes as she tried to put the bad guy away and do it by the system. A system that they both are learning is not so fair. In New York, several murders start happening to abusers and criminals who are free. The witnesses are not talking about who is doing the killing, but as Teresa tries to figure out Sean will she figure out the one who is committing all the crimes as well?

This film is something special. It is a indie film that feels like a pilot of a cop show. The film is heavy on the flashbacks, and the flashbacks are brutal and really emotional. So if child or spousal abuse offends you, this film is not for you. The acting was first class, as was the script. You really get into Sean, and his pain and decisions he makes. Also, you get into Teresa. Where other films would get silly and create a romantic interest and just bog it down with plot holes that fail. This film keeps it simple. The problems with this film are small. I did not like Sean’s birthday with his dad, I thought that 5 minutes was slowing down the film. And the way the movie wrapped up was somewhat a letdown. But, that being said, the film was good for what it was. Just a old fashioned revenge, crime drama.

I am not sure about a dvd release yet, I know it is doing the festival circuit. So seek it out, have a good time. 7.5 out of 10