Bonnie and Clyde vs Dracula

Are you into B movie fun? Well look no further, this movie may be the movie for you. This film is almost like two seperate stories for the first hour, then join as one in the last thirty minutes. It starts off with the tale of the gangster duo Bonnie and Clyde ( played by Trent Haaga/Troma alumni and director of the upcoming very much hyped Chop. Tiffany Shepis, who horror fans know really well)as they travel cross country on their crime spree. Their travels take them to 2 of Clyde’s friends who they hang out with. Then story two involves Dr Loveless, and his assistant who is his daughter, Annabelle. They are taking care of Dracula. Who is feeding off hookers to get his strength back. The Bonnie and Clyde stuff was fun. The acting and dialogue was really well written, but some of the scenes like when Bonnie and Clyde are fighting about why they are holed up with Clyde’s friends does get boring as do a few other scenes. But, the scenes with the doctor and his assistant are played for laughs, and at times it works but there are some times when Annabelle is so annoying and it is not so fun. Around the hour mark, is when things get interesting. Bonnie is going up the road to get a doctor for Clyde’s shot friend. And that is when she discovers Dracula. If you are going to want to see a long dragged out fight between the two groups. Skip this film. There is some blood and the film is very violent at times. But, this film is more campy b movie fun than horror. The actual Bonnie and Clyde vs Dracula action, is probably 1 percent of the 90 minutes. Now, there is a scene when Clyde finds out there are vampires and goes on a cool killing spree . This film at best is forgettable. Is it good or bad, it is a coin toss in the right mood you may like this film. It was better than 30 days of Night Dark Days by a million miles and the last Lost Boys. But, those are easy targets. I liked the heart and thought process that went into making this film. They tried to get all the details right about the era, and I think the sets looked amazing. Horror fans may not like it, but I think people who are into camp fun, may get a kick out of it. Again, the film does drag in certain parts. But, Tiffany Shepis as Bonnie really shined thru all the slowness of the film. Also, if you are a Patrick Rea fan and seen Next Caller, Jennifer Friend played Annabelle.

7 out of 10