Beneath the Dark movie review

This is the debut film from Chad Freehan who produced the awesome and will never come out on dvd All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. See if you heard this story before, a young married couple traveling at night on a deserted road on their way to a wedding. Paul and Adrienne decide to call it a night and stop at a hotel on the way called Roy’s Motel and Cafe. Once there, Paul checks in and meets Frank who is the bellhop employee, who seems a little off. And thru a series of flashbacks about both of their lives, we get to learn how this fate was bound to happen. The motel only plays one song no matter what radio or juke box you play, and everyone seems to know more about Paul, then they should. Will Paul ever find out why he had to be at this motel on this night?

This film was more confusing, then it needed to be. It tried to be too smart for its own good. And, you know within the first 15 minutes that there will be several twists and turns, and some you will catch on too but some you really wont even care about. This film is no different then any other psychological thriller set in a motel. Where all the pieces will come together and you are left trying to figure them out, except this one you wont care. This film just drags so much. The dialogue is almost too slow, the pacing is at times dead. The flashbacks then the present then to flashback, are so confusing and not needed. It is almost like they are trying to find a niche and just go with it. By the hour mark, I was so bored I just wanted to call it a night, and to make it to 1 hour and 42 minutes was a miracle. I had to see if my hunches were right on how this would end. And sadly, they were to a degree. Rent Identity, rent Vacancy, rent Reeker. And they put this on dvd, and his other effort he was involved with Mandy Lane is still waiting for a release. That is fucking pathetic. The characters were boring, the story of Frank and his two timing wife and what made her that way, was just silly and not the ha ha silly, the this film is too desperate and trying to paint way too many pictures and ask me to give into them, when they lead nowhere and some do not even make sense to the film or the direction it is going. And, Paul and Adrienne were so paper, the dialogue, the scenarios, the ending..all done to fucking death. No more!!! From this day forward, no more motel suspense thrillers where we are more confused than actually entertained. I draw the line..

1.5 out of 10