Aphrodisiac!: The Sexual Secret of Marijuana

This is 2011, we as a society have made so many advances. Today, we all have hand held phones, some with computers and can communicate with anyone world wide in seconds. You have email, taking the frustration out of mailing something and waiting for weeks to get a reply. Music, movies, dvds, cds and etc. It just seems like we are constantly as a culture changing. One thing that seems to stay the same, is the war on drugs. Aphrodisiac! The sexual history of marijuana was made in 1971. And, by watching this film today you realize that not much has changed in this war. Part documentary that explores drug trafficking, vietnam and the fights of people like Harry J. Anslinger to stop weed or as he called it the ” mexican opium”. This film is narrated from a variety of voices that are pro weed. That tell you the positives of weed. Like how to make a marijuana brownie. This film also has a very hardcore porn feel as well. It has sex, full insertion from John Holmes and other porn stars from the early 70’s.

The sex scenes are hot in a retro way. It is the commentary through the sex scenes and the whole film that makes this worth the cash. You get to see a pot sex orgy. It is all done so tongue and cheek, and so damn funny. Like watching a woman not wanting to hook a man up and then when she smokes some weed all of a sudden she is hooking him up with all the delights a man could want. And to hear his and her commentary on this is just so beyond goofy good.

I know this film was released a while back on vhs and ran 46 minutes and cut out all the porn. This is the 76 minute one with all the porn. And the transfer is spot on perfect. It almost feels like you are watching a film of today try to be a grindhouse film. Note that this is Dennis Van Zak first and only film.

7 out of 10