All you Boston Fans. Wound is coming !!!!

2011 Boston Underground Film Festival: Official Lineup


It’s lucky 13 for the Boston Underground Film Festival as they celebrate
their raucous 13th annual edition this year. Opening with the much buzzed about
bloody feature film Hobo With a Shotgun starring Rutger Hauer and directed
by Jason Eisener, the
fest then barrels on for eight wild nights and days from March 24-31.


While there’s plenty of underground goodness from the U.S.A., this year Buff
feels like it’s a much more international affair with several sick features from
around the globe. There’s gory horror and quirky black comedy from Japan in the
guise of Yoshihiro
’s Helldriver and Sion Sono’s Cold Fish; the Argentinian
freak-out Phase7 by Nicolas Goldbart; David Blyth’s Wound is a psychological thriller from
New Zealand; and Mark
’s Machete Maidens Unleashed! is a look at Philippine
exploitation cinema from the ’70s.