Alien 2-On Earth review

Talk about a forgotten film. Midnight Legacy gives almost a criterion edition to Alien 2: On Earth..( formerly titled Sulla Terra) This film is 31 years old this year, and watching what Midnight Legacy did to the blu ray, the picture quality is amazing. The sound quality is sharp and the music while some of it was very cheesy by today’s standards holds up well in the transfer. This film is an ultra low budget almost rip off of Alien. But, watching it today, it seems like it rips off more films like The Descent and any film that has little rubber cheap monsters ( Feeding Frenzy anyone). Using tons of stock footage, this is the story of a space shuttle returning to earth minus its entire crew. And that something or someone was on the abandoned probe and came to earth. It takes about 35 minutes for us to get our first piece of alien. And, thru this 82 minute movie, that travels at the pace of a snail, by the time it does pick up a little it is almost an hour in. 7 people go into this cave that is supposedly so far down under the earth, trying to find something-a alien, a monster, a porn star, noone is sure at first what they are looking for. The film has some decent scenes of pure gore delight, but the sad news is if you seen the red band trailer for this film, you have seen one of the three or four cool scenes. One scene is almost a pre Scanners moment and one scene is almost like a homage to Fulci and involves an eyeball.

Cemetery Man director Michele Soavi plays one of the characters, as he is in this cave hammering away on a typewriter. The majority of this film is spent watching characters drive, whether they are going somewhere or coming from somewhere. There is a scene where a guy is rowing a boat to shore, it is about 4 minutes or so long, you just watch a guy just row a boat. Then the characters who rappel into the cave. We are there for each step down and up. Another 3 to 4 minutes of nothing. So, in a 82 minute film we are about 15 to 20 minutes on just senseless shots. That is apparently in no hurry to get a story told or bring on the monsters/aliens.

Director Ciro Ippolito does get some credit. Like the Alien attacks, and the cave descent. That was pretty fun stuff. I think for that and just the transfer alone, some fans may really dig this a lot and wont mind what I did mind. All in all, some of the music like in the cave, I thought was cool and creative. I did like the characters to an extent.

5.5 out of 10 for the film

the blu ray transfer 10 out of 10..awesome picture and quality