Top Ten List – Thomas’ Top Ten Zombie Movie List

Here we are with another top ten list from a guest contributor. I love seeing these lists. I always wanted to do a community-type blog, and we are getting there.

For this installment, we have Thomas’ Top Ten Zombie movie list. I know that there are some differences from my Top Ten Zombie movie list, so this will be fun to talk about.

Of course, if you do not know about Thomas’ site,, then you should check it out.

1. Night of the Living Dead
2. Zombie
3. 28 Days Later
4. Day of the Dead
5. REC 2
6. Planet Terror
7. Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
8. Black Magic 2
9. Re-Animator
10. Dead Snow

Let the gnashing of teeth begin!!

Thanks Mike!!

First off, thanks again to Thomas. It is always nice to have some friends join in on the fun.

To get into this list, you really cannot argue with Night of the Living Dead. It cannot be overstated what that film did for Zombie movies. Staying with George A. Romero, believe it or not, I really liked Diary of the Dead as well. I know that is not a popular opinion, but is was a good movie. 28 Days Later starts the entire infected vs. zombie debate. If I thought of 28 Days Later as a zombie movie, it would have made my top ten list too, but I am a crybaby and insist that infected are not zombies.

[REC] 2 will always be weird for me. I always say that I like the sequel more than [REC]. If that is the case, why did I put [REC] on my list and not [REC] 2? It does not make much sense.

Planet Terror and Let Sleeping Corpses Lie are popular amongst these lists. I cannot argue because they were just out of the top ten for me as well. Black Magic 2 is a name that I would not expect to see here. I have to look that one up again now though. I do not remember liking it much the first time around, but with such a high recommendation, I will have to watch it again.

There actually a lot of similarities between both of our lists, and the ones that were not on my list were not far off for the most part. So, another great list is in the books.

What do you all say about the list?