Top Ten List – Thomas’ Top Ten Moments of Eyeball Violence

Here is another list. This time, we are joined by our friend Thomas from This list is guaranteed to make you squirm with each entry. I know that I kept squirming after reading each one. I have this thing about eyes. I cannot even watch people put contact lenses in their eyes. It just looks painful.

Hey Mike!! I’ve been wanting to join in with the top 10 lists and finally found time to throw one together. I’m an artist/musician and been listening to FHP for a little under a year now. My website is Thanks for keeping it Horror and Metal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zombi 2 Eye GougeTop Ten Moments of Eyeball Violence

(I’m sure I’ve missed some, but these stand out in my brain)

1. 28 Days Later–Corporal Mitchell was such a bastard, the scream heard when Jim plunges his fingers into his eyes is very rewarding!!

2. Zombi 2–Fulci may be the king of eyeball violence. The splinter heard round the world!!

3. Kill Bill Vol 2— Beatrice Kiddo plucks Elle Driver’s eye from her socket, drops it and squishes it between her toes. AWESOME!

4. A Serbian Film–Dick in the eye. You don’t see that everyday!!!

5. Un Chien Andalou–Silent film from 1929 that features a very artful yet nasty looking eyeball slicing. Check it out on YouTube.

6. New York Ripper–More Fulci. The duck-voiced killer slowly drags a razor blade down his victim’s face, slashing her eye. Pretty gross stuff!

7. Midnight Meat Train–Ted Raimi gets whacked in the back of the head with a meat tenderizer, knocking both eyes out of his head. LOVE IT!!!

8. The Evil Dead–After Zombi 2, this was one of my first eyeball pokes. Still looks painful after all these years!

9. Saw II– Opening scene finds our character with a key hidden behind his eye, and he must dig it out to escape the trap. BAD-ASS!!!

10. The Beyond–And even more Fulci!! Joe the plumber has his eyes popped out, tarantula’s poke out eyes, and a skillfully edited nail through the back of the head, emerging with the eyeball hanging off it through the eye socket. FULCI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Thomas for that awesome list. Now, we are probably all in tears after reading about some serious eye trauma.

Do you have anything that you would like to add to the list?