Top Ten List from James DePaolo

Here we are again. Here is another guest top ten movie list from none other than our friend James DePaolo from Cinema Head Cheese. To sum James up, he is pretty much awesome, takes his horror seriously and keeps it real. After the list, I will post my thoughts on the list. Let’s see what James has for us.

2.Rosemary’s Baby
3.Fulci’s The Beyond
4.The Exorcist
5.Halloween II ( original)
6.Evil Dead
7.Dawn of the Dead ( original)
9.Jaws 2
10.Dead Alive

Once again, thanks to James for his list. Let’s see what we have here. First off, Jaws as his top pick. That is an awesome pick for his favorite horror movie of all time. While my favorite is The Exorcist, Jaws is such an amazing movie with some heavy duty performances that make it so memorable.

Rosemary’s Baby is a great movie that pretty much left everyone in our generation screwed up for a long time. Fulci’s The Beyond. Have I mentioned how awesome Fulci was yet? Yes, I know I have, but it is well worth mentioning again. Halloween II ahead of Halloween is not that uncommon apparently. I am an original Halloween guy myself because it introduced Michael, but let’s face it, Halloween II is no slouch by any means. There was more action and maybe even more suspense.

Of course, I have talked about Dawn of the Dead a few times. Dead Alive is one of the best horror comedies ever made. Evil Dead is not a horror comedy in any way. I hate when people say that it is. That movie scared the piss out of as a child. Evil Dead 2 is a horror comedy, but not the original.

I guess the one surprise here to people would be Jaws II. I have to tell you, while I would not put it in my top ten, it is an underrated movie. You can knock Part 3 all you want (I actually enjoyed it), but Jaws 2 is a well done movie.

So, that is another list in the books. Let’s hear your thoughts on the list, and remember, if you want to send your own list in, contact me.

Make sure that you all check out James’ work (and everyone else’s) at Cinema Head Cheese.

Cinema Head Cheese

  • Good point about Aliens and Alien. I actually prefer Aliens myself. I think that there are almost as many people who prefer the sequel. It does have a great reputation.

  • Nice list, good to see a top ten that doesn’t exclusively feature films from the last 5 years too.
    However I’m sure he meant ALIEN and not the action movie ALIENS. Still, you can’t really argue with this list, there are no crazy choices in here.