Top Ten List – Chris Conduit’s Top Ten Kills List

We are back with another special top ten list. For this rendition, we have our friend Chris Conduit ( If you are not familiar with Chris, you should be. He is an excellent horror podcast host along with his wonderful wife, Janna, and the always-wonderful Michelle. He is also an author with a book series coming out soon that I am dying to read.

Here is the list and I will make some comments in the end. I can already see the memories rushing back.

The Conduit’s Top 10 Death Scenes:

1.  “Inside”- Forced Caesarian Section… A VERY brutal moment in an incredibly brutal film.  Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more F’d up.

2.  “High Tension”- Staircase Decapitation… One of the most visceral deaths ever caught on film.  Inventive as hell, not to mention: gallons of blood!

3.  “Zombie 2”- Eyeball Impalement.. A historic moment in practical effects.  The build up is excruciating.  The payoff:  brilliant.

4.  “Death Proof”- Head On Collision… Admittedly, not a huge fan of this film overall.  However, when this scene plays out:  it makes everything that came before and after it worth while.

5.  “Sella Turcica”- Bruce Gets His Jaw Ripped Open… “Mirrors” ripped a jaw.  This one does it without CGI and really gets under your skin with the wagging tongue and hands waving around in camera.

6.  “30 Days of Night”- Prolonged Decapitation… Finally a realistic ax to the neck.  Not quick and easy; this one takes a few dedicated whacks to come off.

7.  “Martyrs”- Lucie’s Doorway Shotgun Blast… In a film full of what the fuck moments; Lucie’s entrance really kick starts the downward spiral into madness.

8.  “Maniac”- Tom Savini Shotgun Blast To The Head… How can this not be on the list?  A slow motion shot gun blast head explosion with the effect’s creator taking the shell to the face. AWESOME!!!

9.  “Jason X”- Liquid Nitrogen Face Plant… For me: this is the best Friday the 13th kill ever.  Violent, inventive, comical, and truly re-watchable.

10.  “House of 1000 Corpses”- Merman Bill… Not so much about the kill, but the after effect.  Otis really got creative on this one.  Connecting poor Bill’s upper body to the lower portion of some kind of fish thing.

Honorable Mentions:

“Casino”- Dominic and Nicky Beaten and Buried Alive… As if the beat down isn’t bad enough. Watching as their semi-lifeless bodies are rolled into that hole (all the while bloody air bubbles spout from their mouths) is a thing of sickening beauty.

“Night Of The Living Dead”- Poor Old Ben Bites It In The End… The most powerful moment in this film comes with the tragic end to the character we all rooted for from the beginning. Very nihilistic.

“The Wicker Man”- Sargent Howie Burned Alive… No matter how you feel about this film, watching the Sargent come to the realization of (and then experience) death by fire within the giant “Wicker Man,” is something to behold.

Hope you all enjoyed it.  I had a blast with it.  Thanks for doing what you’re doing Mike.  FearShop and Wicked Channel ROCK!!!

Thank you Chris. Very nice list. Some of these kills brought the memories rushing back. I am glad to see someone else who was touched by Ben’s death in Night of the Living Dead. All of that fighting for nothing in the end. It was heart-wrenching. With the rest of these kills, I cannot complain because they were all so good. My list would be different, but then I read this list and I say to myself , “how could I leave that one out?”

What are some of your favorite kills? List them here too.