Super 8 – Super Bowl TV Spot

Super 8 - Super Bowl TV SpotOh, now it all makes sense. For all this time we were mixed up and now it all makes perfect sense. You see, there is this thing that happens and then this other thing happens. But, oh wait until you see this other thing that happens. Make sense? Yeah, I feel the same as you.

Regardless, I love the intrigue and the mystery. Seeing as though we are dealing with two major names, JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg, I am still all in, as I suspect most are.

What are your thoughts on what you are seeing in the trailer? My thoughts are still that this will be a monster movie. The one scene with something breaking out of the crate makes me suspect that I may have been right all along. There was also the scene of people being dragged across the floor that supported that theory.

  • Looking forward to this one. Killer production team, Abrams directing, mysterious premise – what’s not to love?