New Varg Song “Wir Sind Die Wolfe” Available For Streaming

German viking metallers Varg are set to drop the new album “Wolfskult” on March 4th, 2011. The band has now posted a new song from the album online titled “Wir Sind Die Wölfe,” which can be heard through the player below.

Varg’s previous album, Blutaar, is one of the 2010 releases that I was raving about. They are one Pagan Metal band that you do not want to miss.

Wolfskult Track Listing:

1. Jagd
2. Wir Sind Die Wölfe
3. Schwertzeit
4. Wolfskult
5. Naglfar
6. Glorreiche Tage
7. Phonix
8. Blutdienst III
9. Sehnsucht
10. Glutsturm